27 is killing it.

I’m having the time of my life. My mindset is finally where it should be. I made a resolution to spend money on experiences instead of things and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. My life feels more fulfilled than ever. I’m in such a good place with my fitness, my friends, my career, everything. I’ve traveled, seen incredible live music, reconnected with old friends, made new ones. I can’t say enough about getting in the right frame of mind. I never realized until I got here and looked back on how miserable I was before what it took to be happy. People say all the time, happiness starts with you. It’s a concept that you can’t really wrap your head around until you do actually do it. What started it for me was getting to a job where I am appreciated, eliminating negativity, and saying yes to new things. Then came the wanting to improve myself with exercise and a better diet. Then came all the rest. It all just fell into place once I got myself right. I usually would only write here when times were bad, because I’d need a place to vent.. Now I want to remind myself if I ever get to a dark place again, how simple it was to just adjust to allow for happiness to happen naturally. Your twenties are about finding yourself and that can be the loneliest place in the world, but once you get it… Once you put in the work on yourself, it is so rewarding.

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New Year. A REALLY new start.

Every year a lot of us make and soon thereafter break new year’s resolutions. I’m as guilty as anyone of doing just that. I never lose as much weight, I don’t save as much money as I set out to and I don’t stay as organized as I’d like. Each new year is a chance to start over. Instead of “resolutions” I’ve decided to make a to-do list for 2015…

So here’s my 2015 To-Do List:

1. Stop dieting: Be conscious of food choices and drink tumblers of water every day.

2. Complete the random acts of kindness challenge: privately.

3. Stop beating myself up about missing the gym. Find unconventional ways to exercise.

4. Take a social media break every now and then.

5. Find new ways to go above and beyond at work.

6. Ditch the phone when eating with other people.

7. Worry less about what people think. Shyness doesn’t get anyone anywhere.

8. Give more compliments.

9. Clear out all the clutter- literally and metaphorically.

10. Try new foods. No more picky-eater!

11. Treat the parents to dinner.

12. Meditate, or at least try to. Take time to just be.

13. Volunteer.

14. Remove toxic people. Come to terms with who those people are.

15. Complete a 5K.

2014 was a strange year. It had its highlights: I started the year in Colorado. I watched my childhood best friend get married. I brought my little corgi love Harrison home which has made my life nothing but better. I got to go to Calgary and see the most beautiful scenery in the world. I saw Paul McCartney perform LIVE! I got to spend Thanksgiving with my best friend in Los Angeles. It also had its lows: I lost another person from my life I thought would be there forever. We lost our last family pet. I was used and betrayed by someone I thought was a friend. I took a giant leap of faith and quit my job of a year and a half. I was extremely unhappy and deserved better. I went to what I thought would be my career job.. I was wrong. I was let go after 7 months of hard work and dedication to that company.  I try to not be bitter about my departure anymore. I redirect my focus to how wonderful my new job is promising to be. I have to remind myself that this new job would have never happened if I hadn’t taken that leap of faith. I’m embarking upon a new industry and completely new chapter of my life. There is no overlap in my work social circles which is extremely refreshing. I feel like I finally have the rare opportunity to start completely over. I have a brand new job full of new people and new possibilities.

I’m leaving a lot in 2014. I’m leaving the bitterness I have toward my former bosses and co-workers. I’m leaving behind bad friendships that I’ve given far too much to and get nothing in return. I’m leaving behind the lazy, procrastinator who presses snooze too many times. I’m determined to not fall back into bad habits. I’m determined to make 2015 something to look back on a year from today and be proud of what I accomplished.

Here’s to a great year!

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Thanks to give.

Every year on Thanksgiving, people flood their social media thankful for “family and friends” and whatever else they are “blessed” with this holiday season. I’ve typically steered away from doing things like that. It’s too phoned in for me, so I always tell people individually that I’m thankful for them. I usually pick a person that I’m either newly thankful for, so has made a significant impact on me that year.

This year I’m thankful for more than usual, so here we go. One is my job that allows me to pay my bills most importantly, but also get to see and experience things I never thought I would. I often complain about it because it’s just plain not easy. Those closest to me know what I deal with day in and day out, but when it comes down to it, I am pretty lucky.

I am beyond grateful for the newest addition to my life this year. My life is richer for having him in it. Every day I can count on him to make me laugh, listen to me vent, and be able to relate to all the challenges and triumphs no matter how big or small. I sometimes wonder what I did right for him to be brought into my life, but I can’t even express how thankful I am for it. It couldn’t have happened at a better time. Many people wait a lifetime for a friend they can count on like I can with him, and I am so lucky to have already found that. I can’t wait for all there is to come this next year!

I’m thankful for the renewal of my friendship with my other person. Having her move away was difficult and I miss her every day. Despite not having seen her for what seems like an eternity, I feel like we’ve reconnected this year. I’m so thankful I had a friend like her to get me through college, but even more thankful that neither of us will let distance break that bond. 

And as always, I’m thankful for my mom and dad. They are so supportive as I continually try to be more independent. I couldn’t do it without them. Having a friend that doesn’t get to experience this makes me even more thankful for what I have. They did something right raising me. I can’t imagine my life without them.

I have an incredible network of family and friends that I don’t get to see very often, but I know they are always there. They were spread even farther apart this year, but they remain close to my heart.

That’s about as sappy as I can be this year. I’ve already cried twice writing this. It’s time to get ready to go spend the day with the part of the family we got to choose. I’ll be giving my favorite little girls extra special hugs when I see them. Hope everyone takes a moment to count their blessings this Thanksgiving.


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Just a quick epiphany.

I’m sitting at work on my lunch break letting my mind wander as I’m supposed to be writing my bio for the company website… being forced to write about myself and my accomplishments really makes you think. Of course, I glance at Facebook at see a timeline full of statuses about engagements, wedding planning, weddings, anniversaries and babies. Typically, I would fall into a depression and start with the “woe is me” and “when is my life going to begin?” NOT TODAY! No. Today I’m thinking to myself how lucky I am that I’m not tied down to anything outside of my job. If I decided that I wanted to move to be closer to my wonderful friends, I could do it. If I want to pick up and start a new life in a new state, no one can stop me. It’s actually really freeing to think about. I feel like a major life decision is coming before I hit 28. I’m reprioritizing my life and really weighing out what and who means the most to me. I haven’t ruled out anything for my future. But I’m finally starting to understand and accept that I don’t need anyone but my friends and family’s support to make me happy.

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Protected: Jealously is ugly.

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New Year. Another fresh start.

It’s amazing to go back and read through the past year and see how far I’ve come. It really is interesting to see the difference a year makes. I started 2012 without a job and at the heaviest weight I’ve ever been. It was in truth, one of the more difficult years of my life, but one of the most memorable.

My search for a job was one of the most trying times of my life. Much of it was well documented here, but I’ve never felt more low than I did during that time. It lasted well throughout my part-time job, because I still had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. So for 11 months of the year, I was battling every day.

But then the most amazing thing happened.. I stumbled onto a career in the entertainment industry. I found myself losing weight and enjoying exercise. I finally started feeling like myself again. All the heaviness of everything I had been dealing with started to fall away.

I’m starting 2013 as light as ever. I have so much I want to accomplish in every aspect of my life. I’m looking forward to this year and facing all the challenges that will come my way. I feel like my life has finally begun!

So I have a few more minutes left on this first day of 2013 and it’s time I make some resolutions.

1. Continue my journeyfor30. I’m half way there!
2. Do more things in Dallas, alone or not, get out there! Enjoy the city.
3. Save 10% of every paycheck.
4. Take conscious moments to appreciate how far I’ve come both professionally and emotionally.
5. Get involved in the running community more. 5Ks and beyond!

And as always cherish loved ones.

To 2013 being the best year yet!

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Christmas Time.

The holidays have always been a bittersweet time for me. Well not always. As a kid, the holidays were the best. You get out of school, get a ton of gifts, not responsible for anything but being a kid.

These days the holidays bring up a lot of other emotions. There’s still the excitement of seeing family, giving and receiving gifts, and of course food. But the holidays always bring up other thoughts and emotions. You tend to recap the year. Look back at what you accomplished, what you didn’t, and everything in between. I’m unimaginably lucky to have finally found the career of my dreams. I seriously paid my dues for this one, but it paid off far and away more than I could have possibly thought. I didn’t even know to dream up a job like this with so much potential ahead of me.

I managed to start really making progress on my Journey for 30. I’m 18 pounds in and going strong. (Except not right now with Christmas cookies and what not.) I finally had my wrist surgery and fully recovered. I even moved into my very first apartment that I absolutely love! I made a lot of new friends that I hope to have for a very long time. Seems everything is starting to align for me after years of feeling hopeless.

As for the bitter part of bittersweet, it’s seeing couple after couple get engaged, celebrate anniversaries, announcing babies, buying homes… you get the point. It seems like it’s the last piece of the puzzle for me. That last little piece that either wasn’t put in the box or was eaten by the dog… I feel like I’m almost there, but that hole keeps staring me right in the face. Incomplete. The good news is that my puzzle is more complete than it ever has been before, which makes the blow of every engagement a little less devastating.

One thing I really need to work on is having patience. This year has shown me, if nothing else, things will work themselves out if given time. I’ve removed people from my life that brought me down and found wonderful people who are nothing but supportive and gracious. I can’t wait to spend another year embracing the people in my life and working diligently to further to my career.

Merry Christmas to you and a Happy New Year! Until then!

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